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Why Sellerfox?

From endless Excel spreadsheets to cumbersome, expensive tools with missing data - we've been there ourselves.

A tool that combines and presents all relevant data, a tool that is easy to use and looks beautiful as well. That was our dream, which we finally turned into reality with Sellerfox.

Without Sellerfox
  • Several tools required
  • Complex and not intuitive
  • Time-consuming and expensive
  • Manually updating data sets
With Sellerfox
  • All important key figures in one place
  • Attractive and configurable dashboard
  • Saves time and money
  • Automatically imported KPIs - updated daily

Next Level Amazon Data.

A rich set of features paired with a simple user interface and an appealing design. Sounds impossible? We think: it's not!

Save time

All data in one place

No cumbersome switching between various tools, no manual updates of KPI tables. Sellerfox tracks all relevant product performance KPIs - whether organic or paid, brand analytics or Amazon Business Report. (e.g.: Sessions, Conversion Rate, Amazon Ads metrics, Reviews, Bestseller Rank, Keyword Ranking, etc.).

Identify your potential for optimization

Optimization and listing monitoring

You can put away your crystal ball! See at a glance which actions have a positive or negative impact on your KPIs. For this purpose, we track various changes, optimizations and advertising measures of your listings (e.g. price, 7-day deal, launch campaign) and present them in the data view.

Get better keyword rankings

Better keyword tracking

Analyze your keyword performance like never before. We show you at a glance your keyword rankings in combination with your Amazon Ads and Brand Analytics metrics. This way you can see even better how well your product performs for a specific keyword.

Identify your bestseller variants

Parent-Child Product Analysis

Identify those variants with the best KPIs and the most views and sales using our parent-child analysis. This will help you to identify hidden potentials in your variants and to further optimize your best-selling variants.

Sellerfox is the result of 6 years of Amazon experience.

During my time as an Amazon seller and account manager, I always dreamed of a tool that would support me in my day-to-day operations so that we could optimize our products in a focused and continuous manner. Back then, we've worked with Google Sheets extensively. "That works, but it's definitely not an ideal solution", I thought to myself at that time. Sellerfox is the result of 6 years of Amazon experience and is a solution for all Amazon sellers for whom " okay" is not good enough. A solution that really allows you to always optimize for the bestseller badge and rank 1 in your niche.

Markus Pfister

CEO & Co-Founder

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